Friday, November 4, 2011

Lake in the rains

Date: Fri, Nov 4, 2011

The recent chopping down of the peepal was a setback but there are many other things to be glad about.

To begin with - the rains. Are we ever so grateful that we don't have to water the plants! The trees are looking fresh and new leaves are sprouting. And yes, the water level is increasing slowly but steadily.

Our weekend volunteers had planted lilies some two months or so ago and they are flowering as you can see in the photos.

We've hired a new gardener cum security. Reddy will clear the aquatic weeds for four hours and then assume his other role as guard. We have told him to ensure that he doesn't disturb the birds or their nests and how many nests there are!

We hope you will visit the lake sometime and take pleasure in all these things as much as we do!


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