Friday, February 22, 2013

Birds, birds!

Nirupama Sriram who lives in the JP Nagar 7th Phase area, made full use of the two day bandh (on 20th-21st Feb 2013) by spending time at Puttenahalli Lake and taking photographs of the birds. Her discerning eyes have captured them so beautifully!

The Wood Sandpiper and Yellow Wagtail are both migratory. In fact, the Yellow Wagtail is one of the early winter visitors and is likely to begin its return migration soon since it is becoming pretty hot here.

Wood Sandpiper

Yellow Wagtail (or could be a Gray Wagtail)

It is easy to confuse between the Mynah and the Rosy Starling. The closeups show the difference - the starling has a rose coloured body. It is also migratory and spends winters in India. 

Common Mynah

Rosy Starlings

The other birds are residents but no less important to us! The Pond Heron looks like a silver statue in the backdrop of the Salvinia Molesta! We hope to get the weed removed fairly soon and make the lake attractive to many more birds.

Indian Pond Heron

White-breasted Waterhen

Red-wattled Lapwing

Purple Moorhen/Swamphen

Inputs: Usha Rajagopalan
Pics and bird ids: Nirupama Sriram

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