Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Nature and the Walk

The Nature Walk on Sunday, 13th Nov. went off very well with participants mostly from South Bangalore and one enthusiast who came from Malleswaram. They had a whale of a time and, with Deepa as their guide, got a very good introduction to the beautiful flora and fauna at our lake.

It is not only water birds that are attracted to the lake but also land birds. Here are a few of them captured recently by Srini, our bird specialist.

The best of them all is the pair of house sparrows which have been in the news for the diminishing numbers in cities.

The hollow in a dead palm in the coconut grove is the home of a spotted owlet family. I once saw two heads looking out.

The grey headed myna (also called Chestnut-tailed Starling) is another rare sight.

More migrants are coming to the lake. The latest is a flock of Garganey ducks. Srini spotted them this morning at the lake. He says, "This is another first for the lake. The garganey is a long-distance migrant that comes in from Europe. It has never been sighted in the Puttenahalli area before. The ducks were right in the center of the lake, and this is the best shot I could get. This is truly a remarkable event!"

For more photos by Srini look here.

Art work by children at the Nature Walk


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bird Watch update - 40 avian species spotted!

Date: Sat, Nov 12, 2011

Please see the latest message from our "resident bird specialist", Srinivas, from Puttenahalli.


Please check out my updated album on the birds of Puttenahalli lake.
There are several new additions to the lake: Grey wagtail (Winter migrant); Barn swallow (Winter migrant); Grey-headed mynah (winter migrant); Blyth's reed warbler (Winter migrant); Grey heron; Common moorhen; Plain prinia, among other species.
We have about forty avian species in the lake now.
Picidae: White-naped woodpecker
Sylvidae: Blyth's reed warbler.
Motacillidae: White-browed wagtail; grey wagtail
Accipitridae: Black kite, Brahminy kite, Shikra
Strigidae: Spotted owlet; mottled wood owl
Tytonidae: Barn owl
Hirundinidae: Barn swallow
Apodidae: House swift
Podicipidae: Little grebe
Rallidae: Common coot, purple moorhen, common moorhen
Halcyonidae: White-breasted kingfisher
Ardeidae: :Purple heron; Grey heron; Pond heron; cattle egret; median egret; small egret.
Anatidae: Spot-billed duck; Lesser whistling duck (visitors)
Phalacrocoracidae: Great cormorant; Small cormorant; Indian Shag.
Jacanidae: Bronze-winged jacana; Pheasant-tailed jacana
Cisticolidae: Ashy prinia; Plain prinia
Estrilididae: Scaly breasted munia.
Nectarinidae: Purple-rumped sunbird
Paridae: Great tit.
Psittacidae: Rose-ringed parakeet
Sturnidae: Grey-headed mynah (winter migrant); Common mynah; Jungle mynah
Cheers ... Srini.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

White-naped woodpecker at Puttenahalli lake

Update from Srini, a keen bird watcher from Puttenahalli.

Puttenahalli lake is filled with surprises! Check out this shot I took this morning, taken at the bare tree next to the lake. This is the rarely seen White-naped woodpecker. I've never seen it in an urban setting, but here it is.
And last evening, I saw a large flock of spot-billed pelicans circling over the lake and moving on. Perhaps they were checking out the lake for future use.
Cheers ... Srini.

We hope the spot-billed pelicans decide to move in soon. Will keep you posted. No doubt, Srini will be waiting to welcome them with his camera!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lake in the rains

Date: Fri, Nov 4, 2011

The recent chopping down of the peepal was a setback but there are many other things to be glad about.

To begin with - the rains. Are we ever so grateful that we don't have to water the plants! The trees are looking fresh and new leaves are sprouting. And yes, the water level is increasing slowly but steadily.

Our weekend volunteers had planted lilies some two months or so ago and they are flowering as you can see in the photos.

We've hired a new gardener cum security. Reddy will clear the aquatic weeds for four hours and then assume his other role as guard. We have told him to ensure that he doesn't disturb the birds or their nests and how many nests there are!

We hope you will visit the lake sometime and take pleasure in all these things as much as we do!