Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tracking bird species at the lake with eBird

For the last few years birdwatchers and PNLIT Shutterbugs have been sharing their observations and pictures with us. Some have been uploading their sightings to the eBird website

Some of the early pictures we have...

A lone Cormorant, Jul 2010

A pair of Coots, Nov 2010  

Some time ago, Abhijit, who lives near the lake made the lake a "Birding Hotspot" on eBird. All birders can enter data of the birds they've spotted at the lake using this hotspot. While birdwatching, do keep a notebook and record the following, to the extent possible (this is what you can enter on eBird) - the time, bird species, and each species - gender, age (adult, juvenile, etc.), any other observations.  

The method of recording on eBird is simple, and once you get a feel of the website, you will not have to spend more than a few minutes each time. Submissions can be made for even one bird.

1. This link below will directly take you to the hotspot "Puttenhalli Lake (Puttakere)"
Please note that there is a small spelling error, which we have been unable to rectify. So let us use it as is. There are already many listings linked to this hotspot which we do not want to lose track of. - Please save this in your bookmarks for easy access.

2. You can view the link above without an eBird account. To submit your sightings you will need to login (or create a login if you are new to eBird).

3. Once you are logged in, fill in the details. Over time, this will be a great repository of data, that can be used in several ways, as mentioned on this link eBird itself is created by © Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, so it is hoped that all this data won't disappear overnight.    

If you haven't the time to access eBird, we will be happy to receive your observations at Puttenahalli Lake in the format as below. Currently we have Madhurima Das doing this on a regular basis.

1. Date and Time of visit
2. Team size (no. of people watching) and other info about the birdwatchers
3. In columns - Bird species, No. seen, Any other info    
e.g. Pied Bushchat, 2 (1male,1female), Female sat on a tree stump for several minutes before flying into the bush, Male made a brief appearance and sat on a wire.  
e.g. Common Myna/Jungle Myna, several (maybe more than 30), Flying all over the place
Mail to PNLIT will upload such observations received.

Any questions? Please mail.  Happy birding and birdwatch logging!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beware of offerings from strangers

Residents in the Puttenahalli Lake vicinity beware!  

Image courtesy: Philip Martin Clip Art

One of the residents of the neighbourhood had a horrifying experience, as explained in this email message, received from a credible source. 

"One of our residents, on her way back after dropping off her children's lunch boxes at the Brigade School at around 12 noon, was offered some puliyogare as "prasad" by a decently dressed woman. She immediately ate it and walked back towards her flat at Brigade Millennium. When she got close to the Woodrose Club, she started feeling woozy, as if she had no control over her limbs, etc. She happened to look back and noticed the woman watching her from the other side of the park's entrance. She somehow managed to drag herself to the apartment gate and into her home, where she hallucinated for the next 3-4 hours, at which point her family got home and a doctor was summoned. The doctor then advised inducing vomiting. Even after that, she still felt the effects of the drug - after about 9 hours since ingesting. 

She thinks that the intention was for the woman to have robbed her of her jewelry and phone when she started feeling the effects of the drug, under the guise of trying to help her, especially if she had collapsed near the park. Fortunately for her, she was able to push herself and reach her home without collapsing.   

Please spread the word and warn our children to not accept any food, even if it is called "prasad" from anybody on the street, however decent-looking they are!"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

For the love of the outdoors!

“For beginners or experts, old or young, 
the Great Indian Outdoors has something for everyone.”

PNLIT is happy to announce its association with two online portals, both offering exclusive benefits to our supporters. is "India’s premier listings directory for outdoor activities" – one where travellers get directly connected to trip organisers from all over India and Nepal, and where associates get special privileges.

Outdoor adventure travel (such trekking, river rafting, boat rides, road trips, etc.) is said to be growing rapidly in India as stressful lifestyles and chaotic urban cities push people to seek outdoor escapes. India has 32 mountain areas, 14,500 kilometres of waterways, more than 100 beaches, 200 wildlife parks and over a thousand yoga programs. There’s a growing community of people looking for fitness, relaxation, exploration and natural living.

Quite often it takes almost as much effort to find an active adventure trip as it does to actually embark upon one. Trailwala is solving this problem by creating a community where trip organizers and travellers can connect. Trip organizers list their upcoming trips and events, and travellers can search by activity or location, and instantly pull up multiple options for the same trip. Trailwala lists hundreds of outdoor events – everything from local one-day hikes to Himalayan expeditions to scuba diving adventures. PNLIT is registered with Trailwala as a “friends and family” member.

Benefits to PNLIT’s supporters: Many may not be aware that adventure activities go for steep discounts to fill in vacant spaces. Websites like Trailwala get deals like these all the time, and they are not always advertised. The next time you are looking for a trip that involves an outdoor activity in India or Nepal just drop a mail to <> with cc to <>. Don’t forget to mention your association with PNLIT. Trailwala will scan its network to see what’s on discount in the area you’re planning to go. is Decathlon’s online store in India. Apart from being one of the world’s largest retailers of sporting goods, Decathlon has 20 of its own brands. 

In India, Decathlon products can be bought by anyone from Decathlon stores or online through resellers. In addition, B2B customers can buy directly from Decathlon online. PNLIT is registered with Decathlon online as a member.

Benefits to PNLIT’s supporters: Members on Decathlon online have access to special online prices that are lower than the MRP. You can search online, pay for the item using your credit card/ net banking. Delivery may be free or chargeable, depending on the item and purchase value. In line with FDI regulations, the items will be shipped to the PNLIT office address from where you can pick them up. As a member of the PNLIT support group, if you would like to avail of Decathlon’s member rates, please get in touch at <>.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A thank you note received

We don't normally forward mails from visitors to the lake but this one we couldn't resist - not so much for the text but for the exquisite photos sent. The insipid Pond Heron on which we don't spare a second look appears like a painting. The Scaly-breasted Munia is sparrow sized but the photo clearly indicates how it got its name. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chandra Rampuria
Date: Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Thank you note !

I am a resident of Elita Promenade and recently happened to visit the Puttenhalli Lake.

Must say it was really a very pleasant surprise for me to see such a well maintained lake in the midst of a bustling neighbourhood. 

Full credit to the trustees for creating an environment where birds and insects can not only survive but also thrive.

It is indeed a creditworthy work by all of you and I would like to express my gratitude by sharing some of the pictures of the birds that I was able to click during my visits.

Best regards
Chandra Kumar Rampuria

Indian Pond Heron
Scaly-breasted Munia

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

16th July 2015 - Save the date

We are delighted to tell you that PNLIT will be receiving the  शहर GREEN करो - It's Our Turn to Lead Award at a special function at the Puttenahalli Lake premises on 16th July 2015, 11:00 a.m. onwards. The Chief Guest is Mrs. Karuna Singh, Country Director of Earth Day Network India, the organizers of the contest. 

The contest was held in 45 Indian cities to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day and six winners were announced in May. The Jury found merit in our entry on the pre-monsoon cleaning of the lake bed by volunteers on 28th March 2015, most of whom live in the neighbourhood. Sincere thanks to each one of them for the great vigour and enthusiasm with which they had picked trash from the lake bed. Pictures of the event are below. 

More than in the previous years, this cleaning drive was important because it may have been for the last time that we were able to do this. Puttenahalli Lake no longer needs to rely on the monsoon to fill up. From 17th May 2015, treated waste water from the Sewage Treatment Plant at South City has been flowing into the lake. Within a year, we hope our dream of seeing it filled to the optimum will become a reality and even more birds will flock to the lake. 

After their inspection of the STP, the Upa Lokayukta Hon'ble Justice Sri Subhash B. Adi and Dr. Vaman Acharya, Chairman, KSPCB visited the lake and met our volunteers. Their presence boosted our morale no end and made the day a memorable one for us. 

Our sincere thanks to KSPCB for giving the necessary permission and for sponsoring the lake cleaning drive. With infrastructural support from BBMP and donations from our well wishers, PNLIT has been maintaining the lake from May 2011. It is still a work in progress and we have a long way to go but awards like the one we will be proud to receive on 16th July encourage our endeavour. 

We look forward to sharing this moment with you. Do please attend. A line to confirm your attendance will be most welcome. 

Best regards
Usha for the PNLIT Team

Friday, July 3, 2015

Science Fair by Merry Go Learn Students in association with PNLIT

Bring your children to Science Fair 2015 at Puttenahalli Lake on Sunday, 5th July 2015!
Don't let them miss the fun of science! Details below.

Merry Go Learn invites children and their families to shake hands with magic hands, build your own parachute, make your own litmus paper and experience the thrill of hands-on science in the Science Fair.
This Science Fair will feature more than 20 hands-on science activities and demonstrations conducted by children. 
Build your own Parachute !  
Shake hands with Magic Hands !
Bring the Universe alive !
Make your own Litmus Paper!

The fun, free event is open to all and will be held on Sunday, July 5th, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Puttenahalli Lake, near MLR Convention Hall, Brigade Millennium, JP Nagar 7th Phase.

For any query, call the Merry Go Learn team +91-9900528293, +91-9945281083.