Sunday, June 4, 2023

Event Report of Family Fun Gardening Day @ Puttenahalli Lake, J.P Nagar, on June 3rd 2023

"Bringing the community together" gardening session happened at the lake today (Saturday, June 3rd). It was a great start to a sunny day in a beautiful place. A snakebird (darter), a purple heron, a grey heron and many small and mid cormorants were out and about. Maybe a large school of tiny fish was the reason for these large birds' diving sorties. Privy to all this was a 3.5 yr old, who enjoyed this and more while raking with his tiny hands!

The young child had come with his parents to the gardening session as he loves to de-weed. In his kindergarten he is incharge of de-weeding so here he was! Unfortunately the soil was hard, so we couldn't de-weed much and turned our attention to raking the fallen leaves in the garden and the lake entrance. For an hour he was immersed in raking with his parents and had to be told to take a break.

With kids like him around, it is heartening to think that our natural resources could have a chance of a safe and flourishing future.

We invite you to bring your children next month. Let them have fun and learn to care for nature.

Pic credits : Ramu ( PNLIT gardener) and Meena ( PNLIT volunteer)

PNLIT Event Coordinator