Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bird Watch Update - Coppersmith Barbet

PNLIT Shutterbug from South City, Sujesh, spotted "this guy checking out a hole in the dead tree near the lake". The guy is a Coppersmith Barbet which got its name because of its call - like a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer according to wikipedia. The wikipedia entry has some very interesting things to say about the Coppersmith Barbet. Do read it and see if you have Sujesh's eyesight to spot the bird!

Do also use the weekend to vote for PNLIT!
If you have voted already, please forward this message (and the photos) to your family, friends and their friends. One email id = One precious vote. The more votes we get the better the chance to win precious money to maintain the lake!

As of now, our count is only 607 votes! Please let it touch a 1000 by this Monday!


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