Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PNLIT at the Baldwin Business & Career Fair

On 23rd November 2013, PNLIT had the opportunity to be at the first Baldwin Business & Career Fair, an initiative pioneered by my school alumni, the Baldwin Alumni Association - for Baldwinians, by Baldwinians. Special thanks to Major Goverdhan (from the organising team) who persuaded me to come down to Bangalore for this.

One of the primary objectives of this event, which is planned to be periodically held, is to create an interactive platform where eminent Baldwinians, industry leaders can inspire and mentor the high school and graduating students as they begin to make critical career choices for their future. It is expected that the students will benefit from these interactions and in turn contribute to national success in more ways than one. In the process, the old girls and boys of the school hope to build and leverage the power of a strong and vibrant Baldwin alumni network that will not only enrich our alma mater but also each other, personally, socially and professionally.

Baldwin Boys' High School, where the event was held, did not fail to impress, with its overall ambiance, infrastructure and students. It was amazing to note that everything that went into setting up the event had Baldwinians involved - shamiana, sign boards, flyers, volunteer clothes, food, first aid, music, etc. Baldwinian Rajan S. Mathews, the Director-General of COAI, was the Chief Guest. There were several speakers from an array of fields - sports, medicine, technology, law, finance, social work, architecture, corporate leadership, education, civil services, real estate, defence, communications, entrepreneurship, etc.    

Arathi talking to Mr Wilson (Principal, BBHS), Mr Rajan Mathews 

The PNLIT Stall

The PNLIT Stall had a good flow of traffic, especially children, who came by for the "I love our lakes" stickers that we were giving away. It was heartening to have a few of the Environment Studies students and staff attend our classroom workshop on environment conservation. 

Nupur, Chandini, OPR and I (and my mom Rukmani Manay who also spent the day at the stall) had some eye-opening interactions that we hope we can grow, and learnt a few things we can use while running our NGO and promoting the cause of lakes in Bangalore. (We also did a few other things like getting eyes tested, blood pressure checked, pranic healing and meditation...!)

Pictures of the event can be seen here.

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