Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Puttenahalli Lake, a not-to-miss destination for Bangalore BirdRace 2014

The India BirdRaces, supported by HSBC, is the largest and most popular birdwatching activity across India. The current season (November 2013 – March 2014), will see the event in 16 cities.

The Bangalore BirdRace 2014 is on Sunday 19th Jan 2014. Registrations, for teams of 4 members, are currently open. To register and for more information, click here

This winter, Puttenahalli Lake has seen the the return of the migratory Garganeys from Europe/ West Asia. Lake visitors were thrilled to see a group of Garganey females at the lake on Christmas Day, and thereafter.

Garganeys at Puttenahalli Lake, Dec 2013 (Pics: Usha Rajagopalan)

The Garganeys were last spotted at Puttenahalli Lake in Nov 2011-Mar 2012. During the BirdRace in 2012, Puttenahalli Lake was one of the few places with Garganeys, so many of the BirdRace teams had made it a point to visit the lake to mark them off, on their checklists. 

With sightings of more than 60 bird species over the last three years, Puttenahalli Lake is surely a not-to-miss destination for this year's BirdRace teams.    

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