Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nature walk at Puttenahalli Lake

On 4th February 2017, an evening nature walk was held at Puttenahalli Lake, JP Nagar 7th Phase, coordinated by PNLIT volunteer Sapana Rawat. Sapana had the following to report about the event. 

"The actual flower of the Bougainvillea plant is the small white one and not the colorful pink, red, orange color leaves that surround it. The colorful leaves will slowly turn into green once they mature," said avid naturalist Deepa Mohan much to the delight and surprise of a group of adults and children.   

This mixed group of more than 20 adults, children and 2 infants in strollers(!) had assembled at 4 p.m. for a nature walk with Deepa, who along with her other naturalist friends, Chandu, Jagdeesh, Padma, Ramaswamy, Sriram, Vidhya and young Keerthana, asked and answered all their curious questions. 

What is the Gecko doing in the termite hill? --- Looking for food and avoiding becoming someone else's food! 

Gecko in a termite hill

How does a weaver ant build its nest? --- The larvae of the ants chew the leaves along with their saliva! 

Who does a Brahminy Kite resemble? --- The Bald Eagle, the national bird of the US. 

Who lives under a Parijata Tree? --- Hanuman. 

How did Pride of India tree get its name? ---You will have to google this one now else attend the next Nature walk !

The group ambled around for more than an hour around the beautiful Puttenahalli lake observing, touching, learning and sharing what they saw on that bright Saturday afternoon. They got 25 species of birds, which was documented by Vidhya on the eBird website here.

More pics of the event by Deepa, can be seen on Facebook here

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