Sunday, October 9, 2011

Visitors to the Puttenahalli Lake

Date: Sun, Oct 9, 2011

Some 25 members of the Bird Watchers Field Club, Bangalore, led by ardent bird watcher, Deepa Mohan visited the Puttenahalli Lake on 8th Oct.

After spotting the juvenile coots, little grebes and pheasant tailed jacanas and seeing a coot couple building a nest, Deepa called our lake a "nursery." This was the nicest thing to hear about the lake we have been trying very hard to revive and sustain. The nesting shows that the birds feel safe to raise their young ones and the presence of large shoals of fish means that the water is clean enough for them to thrive.

One of the unusual sights we saw was a Purple Heron eating a black bird. We were so taken aback that we, including the photographers, could only gape at it and lost a rare photo opportunity!

The marshy overgrowth which most people ask when we are going to remove is ideal for the birds. The BWFC was delighted to see that our lake has enough vegetation for the waders and other birds. Other lakes in the city which were cleared of the weeds made the water clean but drove away the birds.

After the lake visit, we went to the nearby Arekere Reserve Forest. The group went into raptures at the sight of spiders, insects and butterflies which began flitting after the cloudy sky gave way to the sun. What a beautiful sight it was to see them in so many colours and sizes. And to think that I have gone through the forest very many times in the past and not seen any! The BWFC opened my eyes. Our blogs opened up our lake to everyone in the city. It was what brought Deepa and her team to Puttenahalli Lake!


Photos credit: Sushil Katre, BWFC, Bangalore

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