Sunday, May 6, 2012

Students help in trench work for electrical connection!

Today BESCOM linesmen were at the lake to give a light connection from the road to the gazebo, and they needed a trench to be dug to lay the underground cable.

In the absence of labour on a Sunday, a group of students who happened to come to the gazebo to meet a friend helped dig. They knew about PNLIT and had heard Arathi and Usha at BMSCE Utsav. :-) Vidula pitched in too!

The boys put in good work and dug a trench half foot in depth. This is still only half way and our gardeners will complete the job. The students said that they live in the area and visit the lake almost everyday, so they've been invited to volunteer for PNLIT.

The trench marker photo below marks the place where the cable is laid.

Text and photos: Usha Rajagopalan

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