Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday evening at the lake

Update from Vijay of the Community Gardening group. Next session on Sat 19th May, 4 p.m.

From: Vijay Kumar
Date: Sun, May 13, 2012

Hey All,
Myself with Vivek, Prajna & Jyothi met after initially doubtful start due to thunderstorms, lighting & rains at 4:30 PM. (We had a giant guest to the lake, check pictures)
Today we have finished the following work,
    1. Manured the trees left side
    2. Manured the trees right and left side inside the grills of the lake
With this we have finished manuring all of the trees and saplings in the lake today. ( luckily the rains had stopped and didn't stop us from coming to the lake )
Next action:
1. We need to still lay new saplings in the vacant areas
2. We have fourth & fifth (saplings) bed ready and we planned to do with methi and others
2. Clean up the entrance and other parts of the lake. 
We plan to do it in the following days ahead.
We have decided to meet up again on next Saturday @ 4:00 PM. 
Please find attached the memories of the weekend @ Lake.

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