Thursday, December 31, 2020

As we leave the year behind

If ever there was a year that the world would like to forget, it would be 2020, truly an annus horribilis. This was also the year that taught us to be grateful to all those who have been risking their own lives so that the rest of us may remain safe and protected in the pandemic. Our deepest gratitude to every single one of these unsung stars.

Match stick plant (Aechmea gamosephala)

At such a time it doesn't seem quite right to share a progress card for the year, as it were, of our lake. And yet, we hope this mail will bring a little bit of cheer to you. 

PNLIT crossed a threshold in June 2020 by completing 10 years of dedicated care of our Puttenahalli Lake. It is this commitment that made us go all out to stop sewage from killing the lake.

The sewage inflow which began as an occasional trickle, became a regular gush from March 2018. It was finally plugged by BWSSB on 29 July 2020. BBMP had been waiting in the wings to begin damage control. However, every time they began, they were thwarted by the rain. Such a prolonged monsoon did we have this year! It may be a cliche but there is truth in the saying 'Man proposes and God disposes.' When it finally stopped raining, BBMP began work in mid-December and are likely to take a good three months to finish. This makeover will give the lake, and us, a fresh start. 

We ask for no miracles in 2021 but pray for good health, cheer and happier times for all.

Greetings for the new year.