Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cleaning up PNLIT vicinity

On 20-Nov-2010, the first step was taken in trying to clean up our immediate surroundings in whatever small way we can.

There is a spot on Puttenahalli Road, in front of BM Mayflower Block entrance which has been used for dumping.

20-Nov-2010 Before clean up

Assisted by the cobbler Chakravarthy who has a shop behind the dump (and who was responsible for some of the dump in the first place) and a few others, the spot was cleaned up this morning. The rubbish was enough to fill a large sack which was willingly carried away by the garbage truck... to Anjanapura dumping ground :-(. Sidewalk stones that were removed by the BBMP and left on a nearby footpath were placed appropriately and excavated mud from nearby was used to fill the crater. The exercise cost nothing but some dedicated time.

20-Nov-2010 After clean up

Chakravarthy has taken the responsibility of ensuring nothing is dumped henceforth. Some policing is required from residents of the area, BM in particular.
29-Nov-2010 Still clean... plants take the place of garbage

Friday, November 26, 2010


Today, when visiting the lake, Usha found that seven young Thespesia saplings (trees now) mostly from the lot that was planted in July and tended with such care, a few of them even budding, have been callously broken by miscreants. Going by the freshness of the leaves, it looks like it must have happened late yesterday evening. Our sweeper informs us that this is the work of children living in the slum on the lake bund.

The challenges now - tending the wounded saplings, dealing with the miscreants, pushing for relocation of the slum...

Pursuing BBMP and others concerned for securing the lake area is in progress.

Trees mauled pics here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Budding Thespesia

The Thespesia trees planted along the road end of the lake have started budding. Now wait for the yellow flowers...
Pics taken today

Monday, November 15, 2010

Grazing Sheep

Usually it is cows, bullocks and the occasional buffalo that come to graze at the lake. For the last few days sheep are being herded into the lake bund. Like dirty flecks of snow the animals scatter all over the sloping grassy side and eat to their heart's content while their keeper lazes on the walk way. Out of concern that the animals should not eat the sprouting leaves of the saplings, I ask the gardener to drive them away but when it comes to the sheep I hesitate. What with bakrid around the corner, it may be the animals' last meal for all I know. My heart goes out to the "bali ka bakra" and I keep quiet.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Children's Day celebrated

Children's Day was celebrated at South City on Nov 14, 2010. PNLIT set up a stall with a photographic exhibition on the changing face of Puttenahalli Lake and sale of cloth bags.

Thanks to everyone who visited the stall. We are very pleased at getting an opportunity to showcase the story of Puttenahalli Lake. Our brightest moment without doubt was this boy, Raveesh, aged about 13 or 14 coming up and saying he'd like to make a donation of Rs. 50. We told him to take a look around and see what is the cause he was donating for. He pored over the posters and photographs, returned to the counter and donated Rs. 150 to the lake fund! We are deeply touched by his gesture. It was as memorable as seeing the once threatened lake filling with water, however slowly, spotting new species of water birds or seeing the saplings grow tall!

Once again, thanks to all donors and well wishers. A special thanks to Boutique Fashions Pvt. Ltd., Hulimavu for sponsoring the bags on sale.

See more pics here.