Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bird Watch at the Lake - Spotted Dove

So far  we'd only seen Rock Pigeons at our lake but yesterday, at about 5.15 p.m., we saw a Spotted Dove! It was sitting on the dead tree our volunteers had planted in the lake bed. 

Though a common bird, we were seeing it for the first time and were quite excited about its presence. Its soft cooing was what attracted our attention to the bird. Delightful!

The dead tree is such a favourite with birds that we have planted a few more at various points in the lake bed. It is great to see different kinds of birds sitting on some branch or the other!


Spotted Dove

Myna and Little Cormorant 

Pics: Usha Rajagopalan

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rotary citation to PNLIT

Sincere thanks to Rotary Bangalore South Parade for the citation presented to PNLIT.      

In you we find a crusader in saving the environment and water bodies in Bangalore. 
Against all odds you have relentlessly worked to revive a dead lake and brought Puttenahalli lake to full life with water, flora fauna, fish and birds.

We the President, Board of Directors and Members of Rotary Bangalore South Parade on this day of July 4 2014 recognize your contribution to the residents of Bangalore City for enhancing the quality of life. 

Usha and Nupur represented PNLIT at a function on the 4th of July to receive it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hares in the Arekere Reserve Forest

The cleaning session at Arekere (Dorsani Palya) Reserve Forest on Sunday 29th June 2014 had many of the morning walkers join the effort. The extra hands really helped the volunteers (who have pledged their support to the clean-up campaign) do more than they had expected. 

However it was noticed that apart from plastic, a lot of rubbish, including wet waste, gets thrown from the road, over the compound wall. People are using this like a road side garbage dump! For a proper clean-up of this part, the group decided to engage paid labour or rag pickers.

The forest is known for its birds, butterflies and other insects. But mammals? The highlight of the morning, and the most surprising find was the spotting of wild hares in the forest. Prasanna, one of the volunteers wrote to the PNLIT email group, "Yes you can call it a miracle that these beautiful creatures are still surviving despite all odds". 

With stray dogs frequenting the area, Prasanna wonders how long the hares will survive. The Forest Department and others will need to make a focussed and concerted effort to keep the dogs out and preserve the habitat for the hares so that they can breed. In the huge 130-acre area, surely if there is a will, it should be possible, with the support of the Forest Department.  

We need to go beyond making the forest a beautiful place for walking and exercising. We need to save the hares that have made this their home. If you have any ideas on how the hares can be protected and would like to join the effort, please email  Prasanna Vynatheya .

Read about a rescued hare on the wrrc website here.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

WPA volunteers at Puttenahalli Lake

On Saturday 21st Jun 2014, a group of fourteen young employees from WPA World Class Services (India), Koramangala spent a couple of hours out in the sun at Puttenahalli Lake, away from the air-conditioned rooms of their office. Many had come from the east of Bangalore, volunteering their time, to help with the upkeep of the lake area. 

After a brief introduction by PNLIT trustee Nupur Jain, they set to work to clean up the long stretch along the Nataraja Layout - Coconut Grove side, guided by our neighbourhood volunteer Rekha George. They were an enthusiastic group with everyone looking for the tools appropriate for the main task of digging out the overgrown weeds and unwanted plants. At times they just had to use their hands. It was tough work, given that it had not rained for several days and the ground was hard. To complete the job, the weeds were transferred to the leaf composters that are set along the walking track, and in a few months will turn to manure. 

Mr Prashanth Mahadevaiah, Manager QA, from WPA, who lives close to the lake said, "It was a wonderful experience which tested our team members' strengths physically, and a memorable one as we worked along together as a team." Indeed, a satisfying way to spend a Saturday morning! Thanks to the WPA team.

Pics: Rekha / Nupur

Apart from volunteering your services, if your organisation/ institution/ association would like to partner with PNLIT and Puttenahalli Lake, here are some of the opportunities which can be of mutual benefit.

Corporate Social Responsibility. We understand the needs of organisations to enable CSR activities that truly contribute, are meaningful to the participants and are easily managed. There are a host of long and short-term programmes for organisational groups to be a part of at the lake, at different capacities.

Training. The enclosed area of the lake allows for high quality and novel Corporate Training and other training programmes. It is outdoors, not far from the city and unique. Lake management activities can be used to form a basis for the activity and the space/perimeter walkway area can also be used.

Creating Events. Organisations, individuals and groups can also contribute through revenue earned by hosting chargeable Workshops, Camps and Activities - Photography, Nature walks and Bird spotting, School sessions, Garage sales, Art or Photo Competitions and more.

Merchandise / Promotional Material. Funding can also be facilitated by the sale/auctions of objects and craft items, such as cloth bags, T-shirts, tea coasters, calendars, recycled bottle cap key chains and fridge magnets, wristbands, at fairs at apartment complexes, offices, school carnivals and other community programmes. With your logo/ branding, these can be customized to serve as corporate gifts.  

For more details, do drop us a line <> and we will get in touch with you.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend cleanup at Arekere Reserve Forest continues

The incredible forest

Please join the Arekere (Dorsani Palya) Reserve Forest team on Sunday, 29th June 2014 at 7:00 a.m. The task at hand will be to continue cleaning up from where the volunteers stopped last week. For the exact location, please see the earlier post here. Children are most welcome to go along with their parents/ grandparents. 

Mr Saravanan, who is coordinating the cleanup efforts, had this to say about the start they made on 21st June:
It is quite interesting to see our first baby steps towards this cleanup drive. It was a successful and motivating event with remarkable response not only from our volunteers but also from public. There were about 40-50 people collected close to 35 bags of garbage.

Our sincere thanks to Dushyant, Sujatha, Arathi, Selvakumar, Usha & Manjunath, who put lot of efforts behind the scene. Also, special thanks go to Hariprasad representing forest department. Not to miss, enthusiastic Vishal showed real forest warden skills. *B-) cool  The list will go on and nutshell.... THANK YOU ALL.

Words from Sanjay about this event:
It's said that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and Nature is God... so we got a double deal last Saturday morning when we went to clean the forest. Though I must confess that much like the Indian police in a Bollywood movie, I went after everything was over, but managed to catch some of the volunteers before they went home.  It was a really lovely gathering with people of all ages and plenty of ladies too, enjoying hot steaming delicious idlis soaked in tasty chutney. There was a huge pile of garbage bags as evidence of all the work of that morning. 
Some of the volunteers

The garbage

A yahoo group <> has been formed to keep the team in touch. If you would like to volunteer for Arekere Forest or stay posted about the cleanup progress, please subscribe to the group by email <> or get in touch with Saravanan <>.

Thanks to Saravanan for the pics.