Sunday, November 19, 2023

Young Jayant Patwari creates magic at Puttenahalli Lake

 He came, he performed and he conquered.

The young magician had an audience of more than 120 people enthralled and captivated for an hour and more.
Read what a couple of audience members have to say about those magical moments:

All things considered, there was subtle alchemy infused in the evening of November 18the at Puttenahalli Lake - A young magician, all of 13, a glorious evening with the sun catching the soft ripples on the lake and a large enchanted crowd that included a throng of spell-bound, wide-eyed children.

Young Jayant is a whiz of a conjurer; an illusionist with a deceptive sleight of hand and a charmer who combines his magic with theatre and subtle humour. Whether cuffed up tightly with strong clamps or bound and bundled in a bag, Jayant would emerge grinning and free of all shackles in a few minutes. As the ‘Blind Surgeon’, blindfolded Jayant had the head of a headless clown fixed with a swipe of towel! And congratulations to all the volunteers who courageously put their fate in Jayant’s hands; like the five year old who was wholly willing to have his head chopped off into a basket he held! Macabre! But rest assured your life is safe with Jayant! And in between all this fascinating wizardry, Jayant pulls out confetti and silk ribbons out of his mouth or a hat!

Our appreciation and compliments go to Jayant’s parents whose staunch support and encouragement have nurtured this child prodigy who is a national awardee, author of “Covid Thief’, a magician and a kidpreneur. Do get to know more about him at

Thank you Jayant for keeping us spell-bound.

--Vijayalakshmi Kutty

A long time ago, I saw a live show by a great Magician, Illusionist par excellence PC Sorcar Jr. The show is etched in my memory and I vividly remember many interesting illusionary tricks. Sorcar was famous for performing magic shows in Fish Market and busy bazaars of Kolkata. Once he and a locomotive and the famous Taj Mahal disappeared in front of a large audience. I saw a blindfolded Sorcar correct algebraic expressions and once corrected the famous E=mc2 as well. He performed an Aladdin-style Indian rope trick in which the blowing of Pungi (an Indian pipe instrument) moved the rope up, suspended in the air. He climbed the rope as well. We also read about Harry Houdini and his famous escape tricks.

When 13-year-old Jayant Patwari put up a show in front of a live audience in our Puttakere (Puttenahalli lake), no one would have expected Sorcar’s tricks and Houdinisque escape. I thought he would pull Rabbits out of the hat (pigeons if rabbits are expensive to procure for a free show) and a few more cards and stick-becoming bouquet tricks. On the contrary, our young magician turned out to be a master illusionist, a great stage presence and mesmerized the audience kids and old alike. He performed blindfolded tricks and a couple of escape sequences with aplomb and panache. He identified numbers and played with numbers with a blindfold, removed handcuffs, brought back Clown’s head with his head inside a bag and in the finale, he escaped truly Houdini-style, and came out of a tightly closed sack in less than 2 minutes!

I wonder if he is an adult but created the illusion of 13 years. Who knows? Let's see what new trick he has up on his sleeve.

-- Goutam Saha

Pic Credits - Nupur Jain, SK Srinivas

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