Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cleaning up PNLIT vicinity

On 20-Nov-2010, the first step was taken in trying to clean up our immediate surroundings in whatever small way we can.

There is a spot on Puttenahalli Road, in front of BM Mayflower Block entrance which has been used for dumping.

20-Nov-2010 Before clean up

Assisted by the cobbler Chakravarthy who has a shop behind the dump (and who was responsible for some of the dump in the first place) and a few others, the spot was cleaned up this morning. The rubbish was enough to fill a large sack which was willingly carried away by the garbage truck... to Anjanapura dumping ground :-(. Sidewalk stones that were removed by the BBMP and left on a nearby footpath were placed appropriately and excavated mud from nearby was used to fill the crater. The exercise cost nothing but some dedicated time.

20-Nov-2010 After clean up

Chakravarthy has taken the responsibility of ensuring nothing is dumped henceforth. Some policing is required from residents of the area, BM in particular.
29-Nov-2010 Still clean... plants take the place of garbage

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