Thursday, June 23, 2011

80G Exemption for PNLIT

We are delighted to tell you that PNLIT has been given Income Tax exemption under section 80G with a recognition certificate number of DIT(E)BLR/ 80G/ 63/ AABTP7792D/ ITO(E)-2/ Vol 2011 - 2012 dated 21/06/2011

As you are aware, the BBMP has handed over the maintenance of Puttenahalli Lake to us; the first ever citizens' group in Bangalore to be given such a responsibility. Our annual maintenance amount is estimated to be between Rs 5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs. So far we have been able to manage with donations from individual well wishers but it has been a touch and go situation. We need to pay salaries to the gardener, the sweeper and the newly appointed security guard. In addition to individual donations, we are looking for corporate sponsors who have a budget for CSR. Please pass on any leads you may have so that we can pursue them. As per the MOU we have signed with BBMP, we are allowed to display the names of donors prominently at the lake.

With the demolition of the back wall of South City, unfortunate though it is, Puttenahalli lake is only a few steps away from South City. Many of you are hopefully going for a walk at the lake now and you can see for yourself how much work we and the BBMP have done to revive the lake. A lot more needs to be done. We need your help for this. Please donate generously and get tax exemption on your donation.

Many thanks.
Chairperson, PNLIT

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