Friday, December 9, 2011

Bird Watch Update - Lesser Whistling Ducks

The number and species of ducks at the lake has increased! The Spot-billed duck pair is resident while more of the migrant Garganey ducks are making Puttenahalli lake, their winter home. They are being joined of late by the Lesser Whistling Ducks (also called the Indian Whistling Duck) because of their distinctive wheezy call, this is normally a resident species. They were last seen in a very large flock in our lake in April this year. Now they are back again and are hobnobbing with the Garganeys! Together they are able to keep the Coots away and are settling down rather nicely. Here's wishing that their population will grow! More info on the Whistling Duck here.

A photo of the two species together which Srini took last evening is here. If you'd like to see the ducks, please look for them towards the slum side about half way along that stretch. They are quite tiny so it will be a good idea to take your binoculars along.

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