Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Nature and the Walk

The Nature Walk on Sunday, 13th Nov. went off very well with participants mostly from South Bangalore and one enthusiast who came from Malleswaram. They had a whale of a time and, with Deepa as their guide, got a very good introduction to the beautiful flora and fauna at our lake.

It is not only water birds that are attracted to the lake but also land birds. Here are a few of them captured recently by Srini, our bird specialist.

The best of them all is the pair of house sparrows which have been in the news for the diminishing numbers in cities.

The hollow in a dead palm in the coconut grove is the home of a spotted owlet family. I once saw two heads looking out.

The grey headed myna (also called Chestnut-tailed Starling) is another rare sight.

More migrants are coming to the lake. The latest is a flock of Garganey ducks. Srini spotted them this morning at the lake. He says, "This is another first for the lake. The garganey is a long-distance migrant that comes in from Europe. It has never been sighted in the Puttenahalli area before. The ducks were right in the center of the lake, and this is the best shot I could get. This is truly a remarkable event!"

For more photos by Srini look here.

Art work by children at the Nature Walk


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