Monday, February 6, 2012

"May the Best Name Win" - competition

We plan to induct children between ages 8 and 16 as PNLIT's junior members and have already identified four children who have shown tremendous potential to be future leaders of society in some way or the other. We will have much to learn from them while we nurture their interest in the Puttenahalli lake and knowledge about the flora and fauna. They will assist us in the many activities we conduct and also take the lead on occasions themselves (such as taking other kids on a bird watch at the lake on their own). We hope to get more children to join our panel in due course.

What do we call these young champions? PNLIT what? PNLIT Juniors? Naa! PNLIT Herons? Hmmm... PNLIT Coots? No way! Coot is the name of a bird we have at the lake in plenty but it also means someone who's eccentric as in a "crazy old coot".

Can you do better? Can you come up with a name for these young enthusiasts that is catchy, captures their zeal or their association with the lake? Therefore no tigers and cubs please! Start thinking! The person who comes up with the winning name will get a handsome prize (no prizes for guessing what it will be!)

The competition is open to children between the ages of 8 and 16. We shall not object if parents, grandparents and older siblings want to help their ward but the prize will still go to the child!

All you imaginative people out there - put on your thinking caps! Email your best name before mid-night on Mon, 13th Feb 2012, to

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