Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Run for PNLIT on Sunday, 27th May 2012

Are you running in the TCS World 10K 2012? Are you going to join the thousands of proud Bangaloreans on the roads around Cubbon Park on a glorious Sunday morning on 27th May 2012? PNLIT is in the process of registering as an NGO and we are looking for people who will run for our Puttenahalli Lake; who will garner donations for our lake.

Why should you run for PNLIT?
Because PNLIT is a purely citizen driven initiative to do something as extraordinary as saving a lake from extinction.
Because PNLIT is Namma Bengaluru's first official citizen caretakers of a lake
Because PNLIT meets expenses through donations, mostly from individual well-wishers. Needless to say, it works on a tight budget.
Because PNLIT aims to transform the lake into a secure bird habitat.
Because PNLIT nurtures over 200 tree saplings planted on the lake periphery.
Because PNLIT is instrumental in giving a home to over 50 species of birds in and around the lake.
Because PNLIT involves the neighbourhood in lake restoration and maintenance.

If you are still not convinced, please visit the lake (with your children) and see the birds.
For more details visit our website.

We have many, many plans for the lake such as diverting more rain water into the lake, relocating the hutments, planting more trees, etc. etc. Your Run for PNLIT could fetch us some much needed funds to execute at least some of these plans.

Runners need to register on http://www.bangalorecares.in/ (Registration cost: Open 10km Marathon Rs 700/-, Majja Run Rs 400/-, Senior Citizens 4km Run Rs 300/-, Wheelchair 4km Rs 200/-). We will be online on Bangalore Cares in a few days, after the registration formalities are complete.

Even if you cannot run, you can still show your support by helping the PNLIT runners raise funds.

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