Sunday, May 13, 2012

Community gardening progress

Less than two months ago we had formed a team of volunteers to do community gardening at the lake. Though a small group, they have been working with great diligence and enthusiasm. An update sent yesterday by one of them, Vivek Krishna, is below. Clearly they have had a great time! To keep up pace with them, we've bought some 50 saplings and manure from Lal Bagh nursery last Friday. 
If you would like to join Vivek and his friends, please email (or better still, just join them today evening at 4 p.m.!). Alternately/additionally if you'd like to make a donation to the lake trust, you are most welcome! 
PNLIT has been maintaining the lake from June 2010 only with the help of donations from well wishers like you and volunteers like Vivek Krishna and his friends. 

From: vivek krishna
Date: Sat, May 12, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Hi All,

Was a very productive day at the lake :)

We met up at 4 PM and tended to the three patches first: watered, de-weeded, put manure and watered some more.
We then dug up shallow trenches along all the plant/tree, put manure and covered it with back sand and leaves. Vijay and I dug up & covered the trenches while Prajna and Pooja (Jyothi's neighbor, who will be joining our group) put the manure.
We did it for the entire stretch on the right side (the side the patches are on). So we covered a lot of ground indeed :)

The plan for tomorrow is to meet up at 4 PM (Vijay, Jyothi, Pooja, Prajna & I have confirmed). We will manure the trees on the left and also plant a few saplings that were brought over today.

Have attached a few pics from today :). Sorry Jeanne & Jyothi, these were taken when you guys were not around :)

- Vivek

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