Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on happenings at the lake - Feb-11

Pictures taken on 7-Feb-11

Phase 2 that began on 27-Jan-11 is progressing well. Inner fencing and railing work is currently on. There was an adventure on one of the nights when some miscreants tried to pull out the iron pillars. They actually succeeded in taking away 2 of them. After that the contractor has been more careful.  

Our gardener Venkata Reddy took off to his village on 1-Feb. With no rains and hot days, watering the plants is essential. Raghavendra is a temporary hand - till our gardener comes back or we find someone else. He says he is in Bangalore with his parents and will be doing odd jobs till they go back to the village - where he says he goes to school. 
Bougainvillea stalks were planted along the fencing in end Oct - early Nov. The orange ones are in bloom.

At the water's edge. The water has receded. The periphery is quite like the fertile plains. We are considering de-weeding whatever is possible when the lake is dry.

Cherry tomatoes collected from the lake bund. That's why we say 'fertile' plains!

'Inlets' to the lake is a main concern. Efforts are on to check sewage from entering the lake, while trying to get the storm water drains connected before the next monsoons.  

More pics here

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