Friday, May 24, 2013

Volunteers needed for planting on 25th May 2013

Tomorrow we will begin the first phase of planting shrubs chosen specially for their ability to attract butterflies and small birds. We intend to plant Vitex Negundo along the fence on the Brigade Millennium-Arekere Road. We are planting Vitex to also block out the traffic noise on this busy road! :-) 

One of our regular volunteer gardeners, Vinay, has kindly agreed to coordinate the planting which will begin at 7 a.m. sharp. The pits are already dug and ready to receive the plants. FYI, only 57 saplings are to be planted tomorrow.

Give Vinay a helping hand and use the opportunity to see the fresh water in the lake! You may also spot the Spot-billed Ducks and Pied Wagtail in the photos taken yesterday evening by Nirupama Sriram.

Spot-billed Ducks



OP Ramaswamy - PNLIT said...

For the entire stretch adjoining the road plants have been placed in position.They have been manured and watered. Thanks to volunteers who helped us.

Sanjay M said...
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Sanjay M said...

I regretted not having gone there more often ;) ...and esp not having participated in gardening earlier!
Though it was a brief stint as I ended up going late, like the police in the old Indian movies, it was still very fulfilling.
I used to do a lot of gardening under the guidance of my grandpa in my childhood days and it was simply beautiful to relive that again. There's an inexplicable magical connection in nurturing a plant.
Though my son who'd promised to join me decided to sleep at home, instead it was fun to have my baby daughter 'help' out!:)
The lake looks lovely with all the recent rain water, thanks PNLIT for this miracle of life!