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Nature Trail, Puttenahalli Lake, 25th Jan 2014

Ms Deepa Mohan, keen birder and columnist is leading a Nature Trail at Puttenahalli Lake on Saturday 25th Jan 2014. It will be a small group of about 15. Deepa is not just an expert on birds but also on trees, insects and what have you! If you'd like to join the trail, please contact Deepa and follow her guidelines as given below.

Message from: Deepa Mohan <>

Nature Trail

Date: Jan 25, 2014 Saturday

Time: 7am (one hour approx). Those who are a little late can easily catch up with the group, as we walk around the lake.

Wear: Comfortable shoes, dull-coloured clothes (birds are highly colour-sensitive), and caps and hats.
Everyone  can also wear a layer of warm clothing as it is nippy in the mornings these days.

Bring: Binoculars, if you have them, and cameras, if you wish to take pictures. 
Bird book for reference, if you have one.
Drinking  water and a snack,  for the children, which they can have at the pavilion after the trail. 

We  will start at the gazebo (pavilion) at the western end of the lake. We will walk around the lake, including the huts at one point. There are some dogs there, but they are not aggressive, and you need not fear them.

After the walk, at the gazebo, we will
have an informal discussion about what all of you have seen, and your thoughts.


On Google maps,
you can click on 
Get Directions,
Type your address in "A", and in "B", type
Puttenahalli Lake
or the co-ordinates,

(For those coming from Bannerghatta Road: You can just follow "Main Road" all the way to the lake/parking area, according to the walking direction,  instead of the driving detour that Google maps suggests.)

Park near  the western end of the lake, just near the Brigade Millennium arch. I went on a recce trip yesterday and the cleared patch where we used to park, near the coconut grove,  is now designated as "private property". So please be careful about where you park.

To know what you might see click on this link:

Here's my account of another walk, which I conducted, which was organized by the PNLIT for Children's Day:

If you would like to contribute to the maintenance of the lake, there will be someone from PNLIT (Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust) there, and a receipt will be given immediately. 

See you on Saturday, and let's enjoy the lake and what it has to offer!

Deepa Mohan

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