Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Garganey ducks are back!

We are delighted to report the sighting of our winter visitor, the Garganey Duck. Today when we went to the lake at 3 p.m. we saw four of them at the lake. Typical of its highly territorial nature, the Eurasian Coot, one of our resident species  was busy chasing the ducks away. The quartet merely flew a short distance and made themselves comfortable once again. We hope they are joined by more of their ilk. To know more about this migratory species, see here.

The Garganey was sighted at Puttenahalli Lake for the first time in 2011, an event which was reported in the Hindu article Ducking It. The birds were here last year too.

Female Garganeys at Puttenahalli Lake, Dec 2013 

We were unable to take any photographs today, however, BTV, a city tv news channel, who had come over for a story and have filmed the Garganeys. 

You are welcome to visit the lake and take photographs of our winged visitors. 


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