Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tracking bird species at the lake with eBird

For the last few years birdwatchers and PNLIT Shutterbugs have been sharing their observations and pictures with us. Some have been uploading their sightings to the eBird website

Some of the early pictures we have...

A lone Cormorant, Jul 2010

A pair of Coots, Nov 2010  

Some time ago, Abhijit, who lives near the lake made the lake a "Birding Hotspot" on eBird. All birders can enter data of the birds they've spotted at the lake using this hotspot. While birdwatching, do keep a notebook and record the following, to the extent possible (this is what you can enter on eBird) - the time, bird species, and each species - gender, age (adult, juvenile, etc.), any other observations.  

The method of recording on eBird is simple, and once you get a feel of the website, you will not have to spend more than a few minutes each time. Submissions can be made for even one bird.

1. This link below will directly take you to the hotspot "Puttenhalli Lake (Puttakere)"
Please note that there is a small spelling error, which we have been unable to rectify. So let us use it as is. There are already many listings linked to this hotspot which we do not want to lose track of. - Please save this in your bookmarks for easy access.

2. You can view the link above without an eBird account. To submit your sightings you will need to login (or create a login if you are new to eBird).

3. Once you are logged in, fill in the details. Over time, this will be a great repository of data, that can be used in several ways, as mentioned on this link eBird itself is created by © Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, so it is hoped that all this data won't disappear overnight.    

If you haven't the time to access eBird, we will be happy to receive your observations at Puttenahalli Lake in the format as below. Currently we have Madhurima Das doing this on a regular basis.

1. Date and Time of visit
2. Team size (no. of people watching) and other info about the birdwatchers
3. In columns - Bird species, No. seen, Any other info    
e.g. Pied Bushchat, 2 (1male,1female), Female sat on a tree stump for several minutes before flying into the bush, Male made a brief appearance and sat on a wire.  
e.g. Common Myna/Jungle Myna, several (maybe more than 30), Flying all over the place
Mail to PNLIT will upload such observations received.

Any questions? Please mail.  Happy birding and birdwatch logging!

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