Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Report on the 20-Jan-19 nature walk @ lake

On Sunday 20th January 2019, Dr. Kaustubh Rau led a group of 30 adults and 10 children on an extremely informative and enjoyable nature walk around the Puttenahalli Lake. We had given the children a sighting chart on which they could mark the birds and trees they spot. With the fishermen at work, the bird count was low but still the group was able to see more than 20 species, get to know the names of some trees and climbers and hear little stories about how some of them came to be planted. Before we realised, we had taken two hours to walk one half of the perimeter! All in all, this Sunday was one that was truly well spent! 
- Sapana, PNLIT Events Coordinator

Here's what some of the participants had to say :

Thank you for organising such a wonderful event. I had actually registered  my 7 year old son and was the accompanying adult. But it was me who totally enjoyed the walk as it was the first time I was going to see birds and trying to recognise them. It was really nice to try and find out different types of birds -getting back to childhood inquisitive nature, look around with eyes and ears open - it was a forgotten activity for me. Also I was happy to see different types of trees around - trying to identify the names of each tree. I have walked across the lake at least 50 times but never bothered to look and understand the things around me. I have decided to take it forward and get to know more about each plant and birds around. My son and I have planned to do a project after we get to know more about our lake.

Thanks for creating the awareness in me. And thanks for your constant constructive discussion and detailing to my son - he enjoyed bird watching and he was very happy as he was taught how to see birds and identify the birds. His favourite was the kingfisher. 

- Dr. Lakshmi Priya

My husband Gopal and I were happy to see that so many kids with their parents, youngsters and of course nature lovers like us had turned up for the walk on a Sunday morning.

Dr. Kausthub Rau took us around explaining all the interesting details of the birds, their habitat and migration etc. It was a delight to spot the birds and discuss their colour size and feeding habits. A lot of interesting facts! Kids were excitedly noting down the details of the birds and the names of the trees on their sighting chart. The young adults seemed to know so much, we're very impressed.

PNLIT members Usha, Divya and Sapana also told us about the various trees planted at the lake, their origin and flowers. It was amazing to learn about the floating islands. So much to learn!

Wish more residents in and around the lake join in for these interesting events. Admire all the efforts PNLIT folks are taking in preserving our lake and the flora and fauna. 

- Vasanti

I truly enjoyed the nature walk last Sunday. It provided an opportunity to me to know some of the birds visiting the lake and the exotic trees so carefully nurtured by PNLIT. The enthusiasm and keen involvement of the kids was so infectious and delightful.
On the whole it was a morning well spent!

- L. Ramaswamy

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