Friday, October 8, 2010

Rise in water level at last

With only one inlet out of the five draining into the lake, the water remained more or less at the same level - low. Despairingly low. We were constantly gazing at the sky like so many Amir Khans. When it did rain, the inflow was barely enough to cover the whole of the lake bed. We fielded questions, criticism and jokes with the wits suggesting that we fill the lake with water from tankers. Since yesterday the level has risen and hopefully silenced everyone.

The magic happened thanks to the owner of the coconut grove getting a trench dug across his farm and connecting it to the inlet near the entrance. He may have done it to prevent water logging in his farm but the result? Voila! The inlet near the entrance which had remained obstinately dry all these days turned into a mini waterfall!

A few more days of rain, a couple of more inlets connected to a storm water drain .... greed is bad but not in this case. :-)

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