Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grating for rain water diversion at Brigade Millennium archway

Over the weekend and last night, BBMP has been installing a heavy duty metal grating below the Brigade Millennium arch to divert rain water into the lake. This was to have been done during the summer, while the neighbouring Brigade School was closed, but for various reasons it was not possible to do it then.

This afternoon, along with the BBMP contractor we inspected the traffic movement for a while. One half of the road has been made out of bounds and vehicles have the other half to move on. This has slowed the pace somewhat but not affected it in a major way. For smoother movement, the traffic police has been requested to post a constable at this point at least during the school hours. Avoid the archway if possible.  

Proper curing will ensure that the grating is fixed well.

Traffic policeman directing traffic

Contractor inspecting the site

Grating in place on one half of the road

No work would be carried out this weekend due to a function in the adjoining coconut grove. So the placement of the grating in the other half of the road is likely to take place on Saturday 20th July. 

Please bear with the inconvenience. 
Thank you!

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