Thursday, March 20, 2014

Battling with boredom?

There's no need for you to suffer from retirement blues, an empty nest syndrome or wallow in a "nothing to do" void. If you believe in action over words (and emails), use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Discover what you can do by actually doing it. Maintaining Puttenahalli Lake offers many and varied opportunities to do just that. 

As recently as 2009, Puttenahalli Lake was a picture of neglect and gross misuse but with some of us taking on the challenge of restoring it, the lake is getting a new lease of life. The journey has been exciting and challenging but it is far from over, neither for the lake nor for us. 

It is time to assess how far we've come and what more needs to be done to complete the transformation of the lake. To discuss these, we're meeting at 5 p.m. on Sunday 23rd March at the Puttenahalli Lake Gazebo. Get to know what we've done and why. See how you can pitch in, alone or together with your family and friends. Help yourself by helping nature. 

Please drop a line to Usha <> to confirm your participation.   

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