Saturday, March 15, 2014

The problem with plants

In 2010 when we wanted to reinforce the chain link fencing around the lake, the choice of the plant was unanimous. The Bougainvillea. It is thorny, hardy with attractive paper thin flowers and, best of all, low maintenance. 

Along the fence we planted cuttings sourced from pruned waste from Brigade Millennium. Some of them grew, many did not. The next year we planted some more with the same result. Those that did survive began to grow lush and enlivened the lake with their vibrant colours. We took great delight in the grand spectacle. Recently, however, we noticed that the flowering was even more riotous OUTSIDE the fence! Huh? We do all the work and it flowers outside? Well, it is too late to train the bougainvillea which is merrily covering large sections of the fence and providing a gorgeous sight to passers-by. 

A few months ago we bought two saplings of Petrea Volubilis from Lal Bagh also called Queen's Wreath or Blue Bird Vine. What prompted us to buy was its profusion of flowers - delicate purple blue flowers in clusters covering the entire vine like a cloak. We planted the two saplings behind the security cabin and waited for it to flower, training the lengthening tendrils carefully on the chain link fence. 

It is a quick growing plant so the wait was not very long and recently we saw that one of the two vines had begun to flower but where? Outside the fence! Not again! Why do these plants nurtured so carefully flower on the other side of the fence? No wonder they say that the grass is greener on the other side!

We can't fight the ways of nature but that didn't stop us from bringing the flowers to the lake side. Let us at least get to see the exquisite bloom till such time the vine grows profusely and presents its flowers not to the lake visitors but to passers-by!

For info on Petrea Volubilis, read here.



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