Sunday, April 20, 2014

Please help Stop Killing of Fishes in our lake

Of late, since the water in the lake has shrunk considerably, there are several small and shallow pools of water in which large fishes are located. Surprisingly these fishes are quite large (I saw one that was about 10" long).

Unfortunately a big bunch of teenage urchins have started going in and filling their sacks with fishes they kill ruthlessly. The method I saw them using was terrible - they take a heave staff and smash it on the fishes that are trapped in the shallow water.

We request all those who visit the lake, to keep a look out for this and please do not hesitate to yell out at the urchins. I did the same and quickly they took to their heels. Of course, if you are a lone lady walking on the track you may think twice.

Unfortunately due to the elections the Home Guards have been temporarily taken away thus making it easy for all to carry out such acts.


Illegal fishing at the lake
File pictures taken in Oct 2010

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