Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Your vote counts. Your MPs can make a difference to Bangalore's lakes.

This election day in Bangalore (Thursday, 17th April 2014) the proof of whether you have done your duty will be on your left thumb! Yes, as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the indelible ink shall be applied on the left thumb of voters in Karnataka.

Many of you may have decided whom you are going to vote for. For those who are undecided, or wanting to know more about the candidates, here are some links to help you choose or change your mind. 

What can our MPs do to protect Bangalore's lakes?
A point of view 

Check your constituency
Bangalore residents will fall into one of 5 Lok Sabha constituencies

Check out the candidates in your Lok Sabha constituency

Bangalore South (23 candidates)

Bangalore North (14 candidates)

Bangalore Central (26 candidates)

Bangalore Rural (15 candidates)

Chikkaballapur (19 candidates)


I recently met someone who said he was disappointed he may not be able to vote because he had not received his voter ID card. If you do not have a voter ID card but have your name on the electoral rolls, you can still vote by carrying a photo id proof. To find your name on the electoral rolls, check this link

If your name has been newly added, it is possible that you may not find your name using the above link. In that case, check out your assembly constituency voting lists on the links below. These give the electoral rolls by polling booth.
Bangalore South 
Bangalore Central
Bangalore North
Bangalore Urban
Bangalore Rural

Make sure your voice is heard by taking the time to cast your vote. Encourage your friends and neighbours to vote too.
Tip: Booths open around 7 a.m. so go early to beat the crowds and queues. 

And after you've voted, enjoy the voting holiday and long weekend! 

Arathi Manay ಆರತಿ ಮಾನೆ

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