Friday, January 2, 2015

Bird(s) watch update

Visiting the lake today afternoon was delightful with the recent shower cleaning the dust off the leaves and making the trees look so lush. More number and species of birds were seen including the migratory Garganey ducks. A birder had seen some 15 of them in the morning but we saw only nine ... not that we are complaining. :-)

Garganey Ducks, 2nd Jan 2015

The Pied Kingfisher, a recent but regular visitor is almost always seen hovering above the water, diving or perched too far to be photographed. But not today. So obligingly it drove away a couple of white breasted kingfishers and sat on a dead tree we'd planted in the lake bed. 

Pied Kingfisher, 2nd Jan 2015

Several green bee eaters flitted too fast for the camera. Likewise a Grey Heron and a Purple Heron were too far away. All in all, a lovely time indeed! 

Here's wishing that we get to see more and more birds!


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