Monday, August 17, 2015

Lake update

When even a drizzle raises our hope for the level in the Puttenahalli Lake to increase, the downpour last night made us impatient for dawn to break and give us the first sight of the lake. The excitement of the PNLIT trustees is shared by many others who get to see the lake from their homes or are regular visitors to the lake. 

Seeing less weed and more water today morning was a dream come true for all. Several parts of the lake glistened between the weeds or as fresh little pools. This, despite the fact that for the first time since the lake was rejuvenated, there was no inflow from the adjoining coconut grove. About half the coconut palms have been chopped down to build a marriage hall. During the ongoing construction, the old trench was filled and flattened by the lorries. Yet again, we have requested the owner to dig a trench and let the precious rain water into the lake. 

Pic: Geetha Srikrishnan

The lake after the rain, 16th Aug 2015

It was not only the sight of the water that lifted our spirits but also the tree branches curving and forming a lovely canopy over the walk way.

Another surprise was to see big fruits on one of the Mahogany trees we'd planted five years ago. We shall now eagerly wait for the fruit to fall. They will be packed with seeds which make the loveliest "helicopters". The seed structure, flat, thin, with the single seed at one end causes it to descend to the ground in a gentle spiral. A delightful sight not only for kids but for adults as well!

Some parts of the lake area are quite a forest!

Water snakes were having a gala time today morning. Two Purple Swamp hens were busy chasing away one that was perhaps too close to their nest. 

Elsewhere a few young snakes were slipping in and out of a pool of water. Their play attracted many horrified human onlookers!


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