Tuesday, June 5, 2018

World Environment Day

Greetings to all on World Environment Day, 5th June. On this occasion I forward a heartfelt appeal from one of our volunteers, Ms. Nandhini Sriraaman, Adarsh Palmsprings. Nandhini has been striving for several years to "Beat Plastic Pollution." 

These suggestions are simple, easily done by each one of us but their impact is deep, life changing. 

Dear Friends, 

Today is World Environment Day and India is playing the host with a very pertinent theme 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. The world is literally drowning under plastic, thanks to our lifestyle. Indiscreet usage of plastic has spoilt our soil, water, air and ocean, directly and indirectly affecting our health. We all can take these few small steps that make a huge impact to the world around us. We have to stand up to 'Refuse' anything that cannot be reused. 

1. Carry your own reusable bag for shopping. Refuse plastic carry bags. 
2. Carry your own reusable water bottle to avoid disposable water bottles 
3. Avoid decorations using balloons and other single use plastic items during parties and functions. Instead, choose reusable decoratives or flowers. 
4. Avoid single use disposable cutlery for parties and gettogethers. Rent reusable steel cutlery. 
5. Avoid single use straws in your drinks. 
6. Carry reusable drawstring bags to buy grocery.
7. Carry reusable containers while ordering food. Even better would be to dine in.
8. Use reusable menstrual cups, cloth pads and cloth diapers in place of disposable sanitary napkins and diapers.

Let us all pledge to follow these simple steps for the sake of our future generations.


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