Friday, December 2, 2022

Biolblitz at the lake - scheduled

The next bioblitz at Puttenahalli Lake will be conducted on Sunday, 11th December between 9:30 am-11.00 am.

What: A bioblitz is a short but intense session in which participants do a biological survey of a particular area and record all the living creatures in that space.

Why: A bioblitz serves two purposes. Over a time period it allows the surveying of the biodiversity in an area. This biodiversity can be documented on a citizen-science platform such as iNaturalist ( making this information available to all. Second, a bioblitz is a fun way of getting people, particularly children interested in nature and conservation issues. They also learn important skills of observation, identification and documentation.

How: All you need is an interest in nature and a notebook and pencil to record your observations. A camera is also preferred for documentation but not a requirement. We do a slow walk in a particular area of the lake and record all the living creatures we find. These include mosses, herbs, shrubs, trees, flowers, lichen, insects, birds and animals.

All observations are uploaded on the Puttenahalli Lake project page on iNaturalist . All participants could sign-up for a free account on iNaturalist. (This procedure will be explained at the time of the event).

Who: Any person who is 12+ years and interested in the natural world can join us for this event. 10+ old kids could also join in provided they are accompanied by an adult. We are taking upto 20 participants only.

By Whom: The session will be led by Dr. Kaustubh Rau, a biologist, a naturalist and a PNLIT volunteer.

When and Where: December 11th, 9:30 am - 11.00 am at the Lake gazebo.

Register by filling the form -

This event is free. Do register asap to avoid disappointment!

Thank you,

Sapana Rawat
PNLIT Events Coordinator

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