Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting Ready for the Rains

Many of you might have seen a group of about 20 youth working at our Puttenahalli Lake. They are from HSBC and today was the second time that they came to help clean up the lake bed. They are going to be helping for some more time, on Saturday mornings. Currently they are helping us pull out the weeds from the dry lake bed, and in the process deepening that much of the lake for water storage.

You will also notice that the weeds on the island are being cleared. The intention is to allow the trees that are useful for the birds to perch and nest, grow without the hindrance of the other fast growing weeds and plants. We had sourced a variety of trees for the island including Arjuna Termanalia, Kadamba, Banni, Jamun and Cannon Ball, most of which are doing well. If anyone comes across saplings of Kaadu Maavu (Mango - forest variety & not hybrid) and Gooseberry (both the varieties), please procure them for the lake.

Pictures of the HSBC volunteers and our gardeners at work here.

Inputs: Prasanna K. Vynatheya

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