Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seeing is believing

We are often asked why the lake is not filling up in spite of good showers. Unless you visit the lake once in a while and reassure yourself with your own little level markers, our explanations as given below may perhaps ring hollow though being true. 

* The rain in South Bangalore, especially in JP Nagar/Puttenahalli has been less compared to other parts of Bangalore. After the first showers in end May, it has been raining in our area only for the past three or four days. If it continues for the rest of the monsoon (till end Sept/Oct in Blr), the level will increase beyond any doubt.

* The diversion channel is working very well and is one of the reasons why we do have so much water in the lake. In fact, the force has been so much that the granite stones placed below the new inlet got dislodged. To break the force and to collect floating plastic, we got BBMP to build a couple of steps. 

Steps to break the force, and for a stepped waterfall! 

* This year there is a substantial inflow from South City side as well. 

* The alligator weed is growing so rampantly on the lake bed that it covers the water. We are taking steps to get the weed removed. It could prove to be costly as we intend to get it done with our funds, and not through BBMP.

Several of our regular visitors have made it a point to visit the lake just after a shower to see the water flowing into the lake. One of them, Rajesh Agrawal from Brigade Millennium took a short video last evening, that you can watch on Youtube here.

Seeing is indeed believing!


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