Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get your children interested in Nature

Our lake is attracting more and more children from the neighbourhood to birding. 
Needless to say, it hones their observation and photography skill as well. Vishnu Sreenivas, one of the first children to get associated with PNLIT, started a group called PNLIT Birders on Facebook and he has got several of his friends to join it. One of them is Pramit, his 9th Std classmate. See his post on Facebook below. The boys visit the lake regularly with some others of their age, all of them passionate about birds! Get your children interested in Nature. Bring them to the lake. 
Pramit V Rao posted iPNLIT Birders
Pramit V Rao
Pramit V Rao 9:32pm Feb 4
Spotted Owlets

At the Coconut Groove

I found these of 19-Jan-2014. It was just luck that the owlets moved, making it able for me to stop them. Ill consider myself lucky to find then in the open, especially two! The tree that i found them is right next to a cement structure, very close to the footpath of the lake, just beyond the coconut groove fence.

The Owlets are still there, not in the open where i found them, but in one of the trees in the vicinity. Its protected inside the branches of the coconut tree, but still visible with some good binoculars or a long telephoto lens. - at Puttenahalli Lake.

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