Sunday, July 6, 2014

PNLIT renews MoU with BBMP

We are happy to tell you that PNLIT's MoU with the BBMP for the maintenance of Puttenahalli Lake has been renewed for another three years. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information regarding the MoU.

PNLIT's responsibilities include:
- Maintenance of trees, plants and grass by regular watering, pruning, staking, manuring, de-weeding the embankment slopes and walkway, and other measures to ensure the healthy growth of plants and trees
Removing of weeds along the embankment, lake and collecting floating materials which are accumulated at the embankment of the lake and also keeping embankment in good condition
General housekeeping activities such as sweeping and clearing any litter/ garbage, litter bins and dustbins to be installed and maintained on daily basis
- Allow access to public every day to use the lake for walks and relaxation at scheduled hours prescribed by BBMP
Round the clock watch the lake and the park environmentally, reporting requirements to BBMP
Ensure that the fence is intact, that there is no new encroachment, that debris and garbage is not dumped in the lake area and report any violation to BBMP.

PNLIT receives no funding from BBMP or the government towards discharging its responsibilities. PNLIT meets costs/ expenses for the maintenance of the lake, and for the other objectives of the trust through donations and volunteering/ fund raising activities. The trustees/ volunteers work on an honorary basis, keeping environmental sustainability and local community participation at the lake a deliberate focus. 

The lake is slowly reaching a stage of stability, with support from the BBMP and from you, donors and volunteers. Together we seem to have inspired others across the city to assume responsibility for a lake in their locality. We are particularly happy that there are over 35 such groups in the city and many of them have used our PNLIT Trust Deed as a template to register themselves! 

In the three years ahead, we need your help more than ever - for both financial support and sharing responsibilities. 

Current annual expenses are about Rs 6 lakhs. Donations to PNLIT are exempt u/s 80G of the IT Act. To know how you can donate, please see here.

We appeal to you to come forward and give us a helping hand. A couple of hours a week to lead specific initiatives, take over specific responsibilities, raise funds/ organise fund raisers, etc. would go a long way in nurturing this precious lake in our neighbourhood. Drop us a line if you can contribute in any way. Mail to

The PNLIT Team

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