Sunday, February 3, 2019

Family Gardening 2-Feb-2019

The Family Gardening Fun Day was a fun filled one with many children in attendance.

Four year-old Rohan from Brigade Millennium, who is a regular now, went about looking for snails, ants and spiders while picking up the fallen leaves. He did find a snail coming out of his shell. This thrilled him for the whole session!  

Two thirteen-year old boys joined us for the first time. Aniket from South City said,"The experience was truly exciting and fun to do. I look forward to coming again and help our lake by cleaning the environment around it". 

There are many children who are regulars to the session, held on the first Saturday of every month, and they have learnt to spot birds with ease. This time there was an egret in breeding plumage.
The children share their experiences:

Gardening at Puttenahalli Lake was quite fun. First we replanted some plants and then we watered some other plants. There were lots of birds and I had fun spotting them. I saw sandpipers, grebes, egrets and moorhens. (Nachiket, 10 yrs, South City)

Our first job was to uproot plants that were growing out of line and replant them in a straight line. Next we watered the beds. It was fun watering the plants and drenching them. I saw lots of birds too. (Rukmini, 12 yrs, South City)
I have attended most of the family gardening fun days and I see many people- young and old - come and enjoy their time with nature. Sometimes we plant saplings, sometimes we water the plants, and some times we de-weed. We also trim the hedges with the big pruning scissors which is a lot of fun for me!  The lake is a very good place to take pictures where you can capture different types of birds, butterflies, bugs and flowers. Every time I go there, I take a phone to click pictures. I have got some really good ones over time. The lake is full of different things to see and learn from. I really love spending time there. ( Aditi, 13 yrs, South City)

More pictures can be seen be seen here  (Photos by Susheela Urs)

Hope to see more children and their parents joining in our next Family Gardening Fun Day on March 2nd @ 9:30 a.m.

- Sapana, PNLIT Event Co-ordinator

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