Saturday, August 24, 2019

Event report - Photowalk at Puttenahalli Lake

Today's Photowalk with Ajay Salanky was very insightful. Eight adults and three kids participated in the session this morning at the lake where Ajay was more than happy to show, share and answer each one at their level.

The lake as usual looked gorgeous with playful birds, trees, insects, flowers, clouds, and the sun playing hide and seek. A perfect day to capture some good shots, which all the participants did indeed! A few of them by Mr. Rajuvan are here.

Here is a feedback from one of the participants, Ms. Seshavalli, outlining how the event was :

"We had an interesting and eye-opening session of photography workshop organized by PNLIT by Ajay Salanky. It was an enthusiastic small group consisting of all age groups. Ajay, who is a graphic designer and a professional photographer took us through the gamut of photography techniques with as simple equipment as mobile to as complicated as multiple lens. He explored with us and interacted with children as well adults on various topics ranging from techniques, composition, subject, white light, exposure,shutter speed, apps to be used, different ways of printing, photo walks we can attend, groups we can join, equipment and settings and gave us a whole new perspective to explore photography as a passion.

Thanks to PNLIT for organizing such an interesting session and thanks to Ajay for taking time out to interact with group of amateur photographers and clarifying many of our queries. Happy photo walking to all for a future of wonderful pictures with a new perspective! "

PNLIT Event Co-ordinator

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