Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Update on the sewage inflow issue at the lake

Exactly a month ago, we had informed you about sewage killing our lake (link) and the illegal hutments coming in the way of the drain pipe replacement. Many of you had shared deep concern about this and offered all help. Indeed, your response to our online petition was heartwarming and the number of signatures in this short span is close to the 4000 mark. Sincere thanks to each one of you. You must be eager to know what happened to these two issues - hence this update. 

There is no progress on the rehabilitation of the slum residents. However, on 31st July, we had brought the sewage inflow to the notice of the NGT committee headed by Justice Santosh Hegde. BWSSB Chairman, Mr. Tushar Girinath, who was present at this meeting committed to get it resolved. He kept his word and a week later, replacement pipes were unloaded at the lake. The BWSSB officers began work after reassuring the slum residents that all care would be taken not to damage any of their structures.

Their progress is slow, impeded not only by the houses so close by but also by the rain and the already weak bund. Hence, they are not able to indicate when the work will be completed and when the sewage will begin to flow into the drain. We are also not certain how they will tackle that section in the middle where the houses are built right next to the walkway with the UGD running below. Nonetheless, we are grateful to the BWSSB Chairman, the Chief Engineer (WWM) and the ward officers. To everyone working on the site - good luck and godspeed!   

(Pics: Ramu, one of our gardeners)

The rain which is helping to dilute the sewage also increased the level and led to the lake overflowing yesterday. 

Overflowing (Pic: Ramu)
Lifting our spirits further and adding a bright dash of colour to the grey sky are the deep red flowers of the Cup and Saucer plant and vibrant yellow of the Gaphimia flowers on the chain link fence. They make us marvel, yet again, on the beauty of Nature. 

Cup and Saucer plant (Pic: Rashmi, our manager)

Gaphimia (Pic: Rashmi, our manager)

Heartfelt thanks to you again for your support. 

Best regards
PNLIT team

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