Friday, August 23, 2019

Update on the slum relocation

In our message of 21st August, we had informed you on the action taken by the BWSSB on the sewage issue. This one is to give you the update on the slum rehabilitation front. 

As you are aware, on 7th March 2019, the Hon'ble High Court had disposed of the Writ Petition filed by the slum residents with a directive to the Principal Secretary (Revenue), Deputy Commissioner (Urban) and the Karnataka Slum Development Board that they rehabilitate them "providing minimum facilities and amenities." Closure of WP 
To ensure that the government takes a decision before the deadline of 21st June 2019, we had followed up the matter with the Respondents themselves or with senior officials in these departments. When the deadline passed without any action being taken, we had no alternative but to seek the intervention of the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka. Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar was kind enough to meet us yesterday, 22nd August in his office.
The Chief Secretary then spoke on the telephone to Mr. Balraj, Technical Director, Slum Board, about their plan to rehabilitate the slum dwellers. He has instructed them to follow the court order and initiate construction of the apartments for the slum dwellers.
We then went to the Slum Board and met Mr. Kumar Easwar, AEE. The KSDB has already drawn the DPR for the apartments. They expect the housing units in three floors (G + 2), 1BHK, size 300 sq. ft to be ready for occupation in another 16 months.
Four years ago, the Slum Board had built temporary sheds at the same site in Bettadasanapura. The slum residents had rejected these as being too small and had filed the Writ Petition in the High Court seeking individual plots of land for each of the 115 petitioners. In Feb. 2017, they had taken possession of the sheds but continued to stay in the lake premises. In July 2018, they razed the sheds to the ground.
We fervently hope that they accept these apartments and not destroy or damage them in any way. Nor, for that matter file another Writ Petition!
With fingers crossed,
PNLIT team  

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