Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BGS NPS students' visit to the lake

Photo: Harish Mahendrakar

The morning started early for some students of  BGS NPS, Hulimavu on Saturday, 14th July 2012. Twenty seven children of Std VIII, accompanied by three teachers, attended a nature walk at Puttenahalli Lake. Bird watcher Jaishree Govind joined Usha, Nupur, Prasanna and Sapana to take the children on a guided walk that lasted for almost two hours (7:15 - 9:00 a.m.).

The water level has reduced due to evaporation and the delayed monsoon but many more birds have shifted residence to our lake. A Grey Heron has joined the resident bird community and the Purple Herons have increased in number. The children were thrilled to see the Little and Great Cormorants fishing and drying their wings. Jaishree showed them a Sunbird. The excitement of the morning, however was the sighting of a Tailorbird, hitherto not spotted at the lake. 

A tiny thing, the Tailorbird makes up in speed of flight what it lacks in size. Veteran ornithologist Zafar Futehally says that the Tailorbird is a common bird which is finding it difficult to get insects because of the pesticides being used extensively. PNLIT Shutterbug Harish Mahendrakar who was at the lake to catch the early birds on his camera said, "Only saw the tailor bird... Could not click :( ." 

With the zeal of Salim Ali, the Father of Indian Bird Watchers, the children ticked off 
the names of the birds they had spotted in their copies of PNLIT's Sighting Booklet. The little booklet containing information about the lake and a list of the plants and birds at the lake was an invaluable souvenir for them to carry back home from their visit. 

Harish's pictures of the walk can be seen 
hereHis pictures at Puttenahalli Lake, taken over the past few months can be seen here.

For PNLIT-guided tours of Puttenahalli Lake, do get in touch Cell 7259722996

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