Friday, April 6, 2012

Community Gardening to commence

Ms Jyothi Nagaraj, a resident of RBI Layout, JP Nagar and a keen gardener, is leading PNLIT's Community Gardening at Puttenahalli Lake. 

Several nearby residents have already expressed their interest in community gardening. All those interested are invited to attend a meeting tomorrow, Sat. 7th April at 4 p.m. at the lake. The intent of the meet is to explain the concept of community garden, divide the volunteers into groups and allocate the patches that they need to work on.

We have obtained good red soil and manure. The gardeners have prepared the ground for you to work on. It's overcast in Bangalore this evening. Let's hope it rains tonight and makes the soil easier to work with in the coming days.

Have fun! May you all have green thumbs!!

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Arathi Manay said...

The participants in the introduction to Community Gardening held on 7th April were not many but they had come from across the city including a couple from Richmond Town! Jyothi Nagaraj from RBI layout explained the concept to the volunteers and got them to inspect the beds which our gardeners had prepared.

This is the follow up note that Jyothi had sent the participants:

1) Concept of community gardening explained. @ Puttenhalli lake about 11 patches for gardening have been developed. The red soil with manure on raised beds have been laid out. Watering for the next few days should make it ideal to start sowing the seeds.

2) Collected the list of volunteers with details such as email and phone numbers.

3) Came up with a schedule of who will be working on the patches on what day. Details of which will be sent to the volunteers in a
separate mail.

4) To start with we shall be sowing dantu and palak in about 3-4 patches and subsequently will extend it to the other patches as well.

5) Decided to meet on 12th April, thursday @ 7 am to sow the seeds and water the plants.

As mentioned, the next session will be tomorrow, Thursday, 12th April at 7 a.m. - volunteers please note. Anyone who had not given their name but would still like to join the group is most welcome to do so tomorrow.