Friday, April 13, 2012

Community Gardening commences

The introductory session to Community Gardening at Puttenahalli Lake
was held on 7th April. The participants were not many but they had
come from across the city including a couple from Richmond Town!
Jyothi Nagaraj from RBI layout explained the concept to the volunteers
and got them to inspect the beds which the PNLIT gardeners had

About 11 patches for gardening have been developed. The red soil with
manure on raised beds have been laid out. Watering for the next few
days should make it ideal to start sowing the seeds.

Jyothi collected the list of volunteers with details such as email and
phone numbers and came up with a schedule of who will be working on
the patches on what day. To start with dantu and palak will be sown in
about 3-4 patches and subsequently this will be extended to the other
patches as well.

The team met again on 12th April, Thursday @ 7 am to sow the seeds and
water the plants. See the pictures taken here.

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